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Navigating Membership Site FAQs

Here are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Navigating your DulcimerCrossing Membership site.

Yes!  We have some ala carte courses that can be purchased without a membership.

Click here to see them.

These courses are also included in all of the membership levels, so when you join DulcimerCrossing you have access to ALL of our course content.

Yes!  Here is an example of an actual comment and the Teacher's response:


When you sign-in to the Membership Site at DulcimerCrossing, this screen welcomes you by name:


Then you can choose your lessons by Teacher:


You can choose by Skill Level:


You can choose by Instrument:


The Mountain and Hammered Dulcimer Lessons are sorted by Skills and by Songs:



As a DIY member, you can upgrade to Workshop Level just for a particular workshop (so you only $25 for the workshop)—>You'll get access to the Workshop and the video archive and handouts.  You can downgrade to return to DIY member after the workshop.  Click Here to Get Your Workshop Ticket

You can Choose Backing Tracks to play along with using our BackingTracks Library (Although these are designed to help you develop your “playing by ear skills” many tracks also include pdfs as a reference.)

You can sort the Library by choosing any one of the Header Titles.  (It is currently sorted alphabetically by Title).


Click on the blue mp3 Track to open the page with the track and pdfs:

Mountain Dulcimer PDF


Hammered Dulcimer PDF


Or Click Here


In the Festival Tent Forum there is a topic for suggesting lessons you would like to take.  

Click hereto make your suggestion

Just like at an in-person festival so much important learning and connecting takes place around the lunch and dinner tables, we have the Festival Tent Forum where you can interact with your instructors and other students and process what you're learning; request the lessons that will help you best move forward; tell your dulcimer story.


Click here to visit and write a post, or comment on someone else's post.

If you are a Workshop or Mentor level member, you have access to all the monthly Live Workshops AS THEY HAPPEN, in addition to the replay video archive later.  You can access the Upcoming Live events here: 

1.  Live Events—>UPCOMING—>Click on the Zoom Link, or...


2. Click on the email that comes before the Workshop to Workshop and Mentor members to access the Video Archive page of that week's workshop:


You can access the Past Events Archive one of two ways.

1.  You can view the Workshop Archive in the LIVE EVENTS—>PAST EVENTS TAB here (where the archived videos live)




2.  You can view the Archived Events Page:


If you are a DIY level member and want to upgrade to have access, you can do that here:


Every Mentor level member is entitled to (1) one 30-minute private ZOOM lesson with one of our instructors every month.  (These need to be used each month and each teacher has their own scheduling arrangement that helps you work out a mutually agreeable time to meet via ZOOM.)

BookYourLiveLesson Book Your Lesson Here

Yes!  The Search tool (magnifying glass) appears at the top right of every page and you can type the topic you are searching for. 


Results from the COURSES, LESSONS, BLOG, BACKING TRACKS and LIVE EVENTS will all be displayed.  This search for CELTIC:


produced 60 results:


Try searching for a topic that interests you!

The orange bar appears below a Course any time you begin to work through that course's lessons.  The total number of lessons in the course will be displayed, along with how many you have completed. 

Each time you mark a lesson completed (by clicking on the green button),


It changes to COMPLETED!


The tally of lessons you've completed will be updated so you can see at a glance which lessons still remain, and which courses you've completed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Billing & Subscription FAQs

Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions about managing your Billing and Subscription.

We're sorry at this time courses and the membership can only be purchased with a credit card.

Your Account information can be found in the top right corner of the Membership Site home page.



Click on the DOWN Arrow 


Click on the Member's Area to open your your home page


Click on your Account at the top right of the DulcimerCrossing Membership home page. 


This is where you will see your Simplero ID displayed in RED.  You can change that by clicking on the BLUE link.

You can choose a photo to serve as your Avatar on the site and you can share some information about your and your dulcimer(s).

When you purchase a membership for DulcimerCrossing, you create a Simplero ID and have a password assigned.  If you need to change that password, click on your Account Profile and Choose the Security Tab where you can change and update your password.



You are in control!  You can upgrade your membership from DIY —> WORKSHOP or MENTOR level at any time.  Click here to Learn More

You are in control!  You can downgrade your membership from MENTOR —> WORKSHOP or DIY level at any time.  Click here to Learn More

Click on your Account in the top right Corner to Open Your Account

Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 5.15.34 PM

Click on the Green Button and then, on the next page,

click Add New to add a new Payment Method:

Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 5.15.45 PM

The Lower Right shows how you can change your plan.