Dulcimer Crossing

Absolute Beginning Hammered Dulcimer Course with Steve Eulberg

30 video lessons (2h 14m) $120 for the Course

Whether the hammered dulcimer is your first instrument to play, or you have experience with another instrument and are adding the dulcimer to your repertoire, or if you have lots of experience and are looking to deepen your understanding or become a better teacher for your friends,

the solid foundation and the step-by-step progression in these lessons will give you the understanding, comfort, and experience you’ll need in order to begin playing the music you love on this historic and accessible instrument.


Meet your Teacher

Steve Eulberg earned a Master of Music Education degree from Boston University. Steve teaches dulcimers from his studio in Meridian, Idaho, and is in demand at festivals, weekend and week-long dulcimer workshops across the USA.

For the past 40 years Steve has been weaving old-timey music with blues and contemporary tunes adding original songs into a tapestry of “smile-inducing, toe-tapping folkgrass” that captivates and energizes audiences of all ages. His music has been featured on United Airlines’ Inflight Audio, PBS’s Roadtrip Nation and National Public Radio. An active touring musician, film and theater composer, he has had several songs in the Top 10 Independent Country Chart reported by The Music Review.

Start Playing Today!

Here's what you get!



30 video lessons (2h 14m)

You get lessons specifically designed with the brand-new player in mind, pre-recorded and delivered at your convenience to be played and replayed as you need reminders and reinforcement.

You also get pdf handouts that you can download and print.

Module 1: String-Side Up

  • Lesson 1-Parts of the Hammered Dulcimer
  • Lesson 2-Playing in the Box
  • Lesson 3-Three Playing Areas

Module 2: Hammers and Hammering

  • Lesson 1-Hammer Grip
  • Lesson 2-A Hammer Control Exercise
  • Lesson 3-Hammer Control Exercise #2 Alternating Pattern
  • Lesson 4-Getting the Best Tone
  • Lesson 5-Patiently Building Speed & Stamina

Module 3: Layout of the Hammered Dulcimer

  • Lesson 1-Where are the notes?
  • Lesson 2-Sustain and duplicate notes
  • Lesson 3-Where the octave notes are

Module 4: Playing a Song

  • Lesson 1-Playing a Song in the Box
  • Lesson 2-Playing a Song Outside the Box


More Tools for Playing Hammered Dulcimers

  • Lesson 1-Hammers: Fixed Shaft, Single-Sided
  • Lesson 2-Hammers: Fixed Shaft, Double-Sided
  • Lesson 3-Hammers: Flexible Shaft
  • Lesson 4-Cleaning your Dulcimer
  • Lesson 5-Mechanics of Tuning
  • Lesson 6-Tuning Tips

Playing Another Song

  • Lesson 1-Learning a Song in G: Golden Slippers, A Part
  • Lesson 2-Learning a Song in G: Golden Slippers, B Part
  • Lesson 3-Playing the Whole Song: Golden Slippers in G

Playing Chords and Harmonies

  • Lesson 1-Chord Basics for the Hammered Dulcimer
  • Lesson 2-Chords on the Hammered Dulcimer: Triangle Building Blocks
  • Lesson 3-Intervals on the Hammered Dulcimer
  • Lesson 4-Finding Harmonies 3rds
  • Lesson 5-Finding Harmonies 6ths
  • Lesson 6-Finding Harmonies 4ths & 5ths
  • Lesson 7-Transposing a Song by Moving Boxes
  • Lesson 8-Conclusions and Congratulations
  • ab-mountain-product-card Absolute Beginning Mountain Dulcimer USD 120.00

    “I'm a national champion, have been playing the dulcimer for 18 years, and I never want to stop learning the dulcimer. Steve's teaching helped me understand my instrument better and his clear, planned explanations helped me comprehend quickly. Some teachers only teach tunes and fail to teach the instrument. Steve does both effectively. I highly recommend Dulcimer Crossing.”

  • ab-mountain-product-card Absolute Beginning Mountain Dulcimer USD 120.00

    “I just signed up for Dulcimer Crossing yesterday afternoon. Just wanted to let you know that your lesson on Celtic Music – Reels – Video 1 was worth the entire month’s payment! I had been finding my I, IV, V chords by jumping all over the dulcimer ,finding the box for each chord – i.e. using the D box for D, the G box for G and the A box for A. What a revelation to discover that by using your shape diagrams, I can easily find all three chords in the same area on the dulcimer!”

  • ab-mountain-product-card Absolute Beginning Mountain Dulcimer USD 120.00

    “I just finished the tune Cripple Creek. I had played it on my fiddle in the past but not on the dulcimer. I loved the way you described the chording – it is very helpful for understanding how it all fits together. Then the best part was playing the backup parts with my HD. I really had fun with it. It’s very simple, but complicated at the same time. The rhythmic beat is also so helpful in getting the timing right. Thanks so much for providing a site like this!”

  • ab-mountain-product-card Absolute Beginning Mountain Dulcimer USD 120.00

    “I've been working some on the multiple bounce rolls to help with control. My grip seems to be getting better.

    I found what is most helpful right now is working on argeggios. So I've been going through Holy, Holy, Holy and those arpeggio drills. This is helping me learn chords, which has always been a hard thing for me to pick up.”

  • Dulcimer Crossing

    “I've had my hammered dulcimer for several years, but since I retired from teaching (music) it's been in a corner and I determined this morning to try and find a teacher so I will be accountable to practice as I should on my beautiful instrument. And I found your web site which will suit me perfectly.”